Collection: Nannic Skincare by Science for Professionals


A cell-identical base with a specially developed formula that resembles the structure of the skin's natural barrier. The formula is based on a base consisting of high-quality phospholipids without stabilizers or additives and is by far the most effective that can be achieved. Together with the NBE devices, it enables an outstanding penetration of the serum's active ingredients.



Nutritious massage creams based on Olus oil and extracts from Prickly Pear and Arnica. Makes the skin wonderfully soft, improves elasticity and has an anti-inflammatory effect.


NBE Probiotic Activator is enriched with Bifida ferment lysate, which is a type of probiotic that strengthens the skin's protective barrier and activates cell renewal. Thanks to the pioneering effect of the dermocosmetic activity, the skin can both protect, restore and ultimately heal itself, resulting in healthier, stronger and more resilient skin.



From the Beauty Oscar winning Excellence series, Nannic has developed professional treatment serums with a specially developed base with liquid crystals from phospholipids ideal for treatments with NBE RF and NBE Deep skin. Excellence professional serums contain a maximum concentration of the most exclusive active ingredients and provide spectacular results.