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A safe triple concept with exceptional results towards active skin rejuvenation and skin improvement.

NBE Deep Skin stimulates the growth of new cells and slows down the ageing process of the skin. This method of treatment provides you with visible and long-term results.

NANNIC NBE Deep Skin combines next generation mechanical dermabrasion with a revolutionary infusion concept for facial treatments. This specially developed micro-channeling technology does not damage the skin. It is a safe concept with exceptional results in active skin rejuvenation and improvement.


Visible skin improvement:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Enlarged pores
  • Impure skin
  • Acne and scars
  • Pigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • Skin rejuvenation:
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Improves elasticity
  • Stimulates collagen
  • Restores moisture balance
  • Stimulates cell growth
  • Stimulates growth factors


    Course of the treatment

    NBE Deep Skin is a revolutionary device with 3 unique handpieces: Ablator, Infuser and Corrector. 

    Ablator removes all dead skin cells with the first scrub so the remainder of the treatment will be more efficient. This also stimulates the natural defense mechanism: the skin regenerates faster, wrinkles disappear and the look of the skin is considerably refined.

    Infuser and Corrector provide the skin with micro-channels that easily bring the active ingredients to the right skin depth. This also stimulates the growth of new cells and slows down the ageing process of the skin, which results in long-term skin improvement. Deep Skin activates the recovery process of the skin. 

    Deep Skin treatments also repair functions of the epidermal cells, such as cell division, the different defensive mechanisms, the augmentation of collagen production,…

    Respect for the human metabolism is paramount with this treatment. 

    What does this mean for your skin?

    • Active skin rejuvenation and improvement with long-lasting effect
    • Wrinkle control
    • Treatment of enlarged pores and impure skin
    • Activating the healing powers of the skin
    • Improve moisture management and elasticity
    • Treatment of pigment spots, scars and stretch marks 
    The NBE treatments are suitable for all skin types. In cure form, the results are maintained for a long time. NBE Deep Skin treatments have even more amazing results when this method is combined with NBE Electromagnetic Diathermy.

    Starter Package Includes:

    Consist of : NBE DEEP SKIN Main Console
    NBE DEEP SKIN handpiece Ablator
    NBE DEEP SKIN handpiece Infuser
    NBE DEEP SKIN handpiece Corrector
    28x Disposable Applicator for DS Ablator
    28x Disposable Applicator for DS Infuser
    28x Disposable Applicator for DS Corrector
    Magnetic plexi holder for 3 handpieces 

    All serums and products included!




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