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Lotions Day Care & Night Care ( 150ml)

Lotions Day Care & Night Care ( 150ml)

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Innovative anti-ageing concept for the daily care of scalp and hair roots!

Day Care (Follicle Rejuvenation): vitalises the scalp

Day Care (Follicle Rejuvenation): Your daily daytime treatment for a healthy and strong head of hair. Gives energy and vitality to thinning hair. Stimulates cellular energy (ATPs) and stimulates type IV collagen for stronger anchoring of the hair roots. Revitalises and stimulates the scalp and hair roots to reduce hair loss. Counteracts hair ageing from inside the hair root. Improves moisture content for visibly thicker and more voluminous hair and ensures a more intense hair colour.

Night Care (Root Stimulation): Your nightly treatment for a healthy and strong head of hair. Treats the invisible part of the hair. This lotion stimulates micro-circulation for a longer growth phase. Restores healthy hair growth and leads to strong hair. Gives thinning hair energy and vitality, normalises hair growth and regulates sebum production. Suitable for all scalp types, even the most sensitive.

Use: apply daily (morning and evening) directly to the scalp with the applicator provided. Spread evenly over the entire scalp and gently massage in. Do not rinse out. Avoid contact with the eyes. For all hair and scalp types.

If the hair follicle is no longer viable, there is little hope of achieving anything here cosmetically. After using just two packs (2x Day Care and 2x Night Care, approximately 4 months) you should see a positive result. If not, then this probably means that the hair follicle is no longer viable.

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