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Anti-Wrinkle Set (2x15ml)

Anti-Wrinkle Set (2x15ml)

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2 Revolutionary anti-age formula to prevent wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. The interaction between day and night serum ensures an effective treatment against wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.

  1. Anti-Wrinkle Day: Immediately tightens the skin. Wrinkles are less visible straight away.
  2. Anti-Wrinkle Night: Advanced formula with peptides and hyaluronic acid. Repairs the cellular structure. Wrinkles around the mouth and eyes are reduced. The skin becomes smoother and more beautiful.

Use: Apply a thin layer of Day Serum to clean skin around the eyes and lips in the morning. Apply the Night Serum in the evening. All skin types. Dermatologically tested, contains clinically proven active ingredients.

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