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Gharieni 601 series

Gharieni 601 series

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Gharieni 601 

Comfort, stability and practical handling are the main features of this double lifting column-supported combination table. Whether pedicure, cosmetic treatments, make-up, haircare, massages or manicure, the 601 always cuts a fine figure. The multifunctional, removable head and arm sections make it one of our most variable treatment couches.


  • Double lifting column technology
  • Fully electrically adjustable
  • Couch upholstery available in three widths: 75 cm (small), 80 cm (medium-small) and 85 cm (medium)
  • Cushions available in two thicknesses: standard and soft
  • Three different headrests available
  1.        Dual headrest with interchangeable face pads
  2.        U-shaped face support 
  3.        Standard headrest with nose slot
  • Fold-away headrest for free access to head and neck (e.g. for hair washing)
  • Optional heated lying surface
  • Optional swiveling and removable side armrests for easy access with integrated manicure tray holder
  • Optional swivelling and lowerable armrests at the side of the headrest for effective massages
  • Can be operated via hand or foot switch
  • Four treatment positions preset, two further positions freely storable
  • Holder for magnifying lamps
  • Holders for manicure trays under the side armrests
  • Available in many different colours and decors
  • Also available as High Performance version with approx. 60% more lifting power and 25% higher speed

 Technical data:

  • Height: approx. 59 cm - 99 cm (soft cushion +5 cm)
  • Length: max. 183 - 203 cm
  • Width (without armrests): 75/80/85cm
  • Lifting capacity: 400kg
  • Load capacity of the lying surface: 450 kg
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