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RLX Aurasens Experience Lounger

RLX Aurasens Experience Lounger

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The technology

The unique patented technology includes 28 transducers that are integrated into the lounger and controlled by the AURASENS module. The position of each transducer in the upholstery is marked with embroidery, to ensure the perfect position for the optimal transmission of sound and vibration.

Wearing noise-canceling headphones, you’re completely immersed in the sensations of the Gharieni AURASENS module while lying on the RLX Experience lounger. All programs are controlled with an iPad.

Travel to a different landscape every time, and allow your imagination to soar. Your journey has the power to stimulate or soothe, provide stillness and awe, ease tired muscles, rejuvenate body and mind, emulate the thrill of a live concert or the ecstatic sensation of live music.

– Composed Experiences –


‘Fire’ is recommended for those seeking relief from muscle tension. It is also designed to activate and tap into the vastness of passion to ignite your power from within, and boost your energy levels.

The element of ‘Fire’ as experienced via the Gharieni Aurasens is one of stimulation and invigoration. ‘Fire’, as it is heat, light and ultimately transformation.

Gharieni Aurasens Experience Lounger replicates the element through unique and understated sound, accompanied by pleasurable vibrations in varying intensities moving under you in pendulum like movements to achieve balance, restoration and the gateway for transformation.

‘Fire’ is a powerful journey that leaves you feeling enlivened and energized and has the ability to transport you to another time and place through sound and vibration.

‘Water’ is recommended for those seeking deep relaxation and emotional healing.
Experience the caress of gentle waves, the trickle of raindrops down your back, the incomparable healing properties of the ocean. Water cleanses, clears and always finds its way to source.

‘Water’ is the sensation of bubbles rising to meet your limbs, arms, and torso at varying intensities to simulate a feeling of immersion from the safe haven of the lounger.
Waves lap at your skin while a gentle gong reverberates focusing your mind on the present.

Achieve tranquility with the soothing sound of water in all its forms and the accompanied sense of multilayered touch.

‘Water’ is simply serenity itself.

‘Earth’ is recommended for the achievement of increased balance and physical energy.

 ‘Earth’ is an opportunity to ground yourself and helps to relieve mental stress and center you with a increased sense of embodiment.

Percussive music combines with rumbling sensations that cascade down the body like tumbling stones, this program is composed to ignite various parts of the body simultaneously with differing effect. Vibrations are the very building blocks of the universe, ‘Earth’ emulates creation and expansion through vibrating movement with a deep intensity, for an entire body experience.

‘Earth’ is a deeply pleasurable and enlightening experience.

‘Air’ is recommended for those seeking mental clarity and physical restoration.

 Embrace the lightness of being at one with ‘air’. Experience yourself as a blade of grass, or a leaf on a branch moving in the breeze. ‘Air’ provides a lightness of being that is unachievable in daily life.

The mental properties associated with  ‘Air’ will inspire your imagination and creativity whilst the physical sensations stimulate the entire body with particular attention to the acupuncture pressure points in the lower back and limbs.

‘Air’ is a journey through landscapes of mountains, valleys, deserts and oceans – go there with  the Gharieni RLX Experience lounger.

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