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Gharieni Welnamis Neo

Gharieni Welnamis Neo

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Gharieni Welnamis Neo

The Gharieni MLW Amphibia by itself is already a real stand out due to the incredible features such as Chroma therapy and ultimate waterbed comfort. When you add the Welnamis system, it truly becomes a memorable and unique treatment experience. The Welnamis treatment experience provides the key benefits of mindfulness, meditation and deep relaxation. Specially composed music applied through gentle acoustic waves with binaural sounds, works to release stress during either a 30 or 60 minute sound therapy treatment. Based on the Quantum Harmonic sound therapy, this treatment features precise and complex audio frequencies matched to the organs and energy centers (chakras) of the body. The treatment can be experienced via the Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones or integrated speakers in the head rest. The Welnamis System promotes intense body and muscle relaxation within a few minutes when used in combination with the highly efficient oscillation massage system integrated within the lying surface. Refreshing and revitalizing, this treatment is unique in its technology and approach.


Key features

  • bed surface with heated Aqua upholstery
  • Triple Airback technology
  • illuminated bed surface and sides
  • height, inclination, back rest and foot section electronically adjustable
  • lowerable armrests
  • tiltable headrest by +/- 30°
  • memory positions
  • soft PU upholstery can be exchanged for Aqua upholstery
  • inflatable connection for optional Ayurveda cover
  • mechanically retractable casters
  • international voltages available


Optional features

  • Vibro-wellness: gentle vibration system with a range of different settings
  • Color upholstery PU: Choco or cream (standard: white)
  • Audio-relax headrest: with built-in speakers to connect to standard players
  • Metal components in custom color (white, titanium or dark brown are standard)
  • Decorative surfaces from our collection (White and wenge are standard)
  • Foot switch: to control the basic functions



  • height: 54 - 90 cm (21.3 - 35.4 in)
  • length: 202 cm (79.5 in)
  • basic width: 55 cm (21.7 in)
  • width of the bed surface: 85 cm (33.5 in)
  • lifting capacity: 250 kg (550 lbs)
  • load capacity of the bed surface: approx. 300 kg (660 lbs)



*Pictures show optional features, the indicated price always refers to the basic version*

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